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Question Heavy Jet Sim vs Instructor Rating

Hey everyone, this is my first post so be nice

Im wondering if some of you out there could share your two cents with the dilemma I have coming up. Im currently in a University Degree / Flight Training program in Canada, and in the fourth year (after we're multi-IFR rated) we can choose to do either an instructor rating, or a Heavy Jet simulator option. The instructor rating is pretty straight forward. The Heavy Jet sim is done on an older 747-200 sim (no motion but nice visuals, steam gauges etc. its ex-Air Canada), and a King Air (full motion) sim. Basically it includes a lot of learning about the procedures, crew management, cockpit factors etc. as well as general 747 and heavy jet / airline info.

Ultimately, I'd rather do this Sim as its more what I want to do with my life, but as it doesnt get me anything on my license Ive been told its a waste of time. At least the instructor rating is an actual rating and gets you hours. On the other hand, I've heard instructor ratings are fairly useless in the sense many airlines limit the instructor hours you can put forward, and they know that instructor hours arent really you flying, its just day single engine VFR circuits, stalls with little x/c that you more or less supervise.

Any input would be great as Im interested in hearing a lot of oppinions about this since the few I've heard are so all over the show, and at this point im rather

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