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Originally Posted by f10a View Post
I met a Jet Airways expat Captain who told me that all expat pilots will not be able to fly after 2010 per Indian regulations. Did this change?
AFAIK all expats are out sometime in June of 2010, officially. It is difficult to see how this would actually happen - the country is a bit short on experienced captains. Also, AI is a government-owned entity and could be exempted from the above restriction.

That stated, there are a lot of outfits recruiting for India and the terms and conditions vary. Some new startup wouldn't be my first choice, although that opinion could change if I knew the fellows running it. There are tax issues as well, and I've heard AI handles payment in a different way from other companies over there. Your agency should be very knowledgeable on these matters. If not, I'd look elsewhere. YMMV.

I had a good time over there working for a non-government carrier. The only reason I returned was that (for all practical purposes) my back finally gave out and needed surgery (not job-related).

Be careful and good luck.

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