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Default Executive Airshare Furloughs.

Airshare lays-off 10% of it's pilot work force (4 pilots).

Here is a email sent to the whole pilot group, but unfortunately the effected pilot were unable to receive it, so I would like to post it here.

================================================== ============

To all of my Friends, Cohorts and otherwise extraodinary people at Executive Airshare,

It's been my pleasure for over the last 4+ years to share the grandest vistas in the world with the greatest group of professionals one could ever hope to work with. I wanted to take a moment to ask a favor of all of you. I find myself in need of letters of reference and would like to ask everyone that I've had the honor of working with and flying with to please forward me a personal letter of reference, if you are so inclined. If others of you find yourself in need of the same, please, do not hesitate to ask the likewise of me. Thanks in advance and feel free to contact me anytime.

Best Regards and Wishes,

Greg Brandes

================================================== ===========

Thursday was indeed a dark and emotional day as the effects of the economy finally struck home. My wishes and prayers go out to Scott, Brent and Shane. I feel your loss. I don't believe there is a single pilot at Executive Airshare that I will not miss in some way. Every pilot pulled his weight and put forth the exeptional effort to make Airshare an extraordinary place to work. Working on the road was always a pleasure and the whole pilot group was like a second family. You will all be missed. May you find Blue Skies and Fair Winds in the difficult days that may follow.

If anyone would like to contact me, I can be reached through email by way of <(my screen name) at keesler dot org>.

Greg Brandes
Beechjet, Kingair 350 & 90 135 PIC current.
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