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If the 744's have GE's hanging on them, it could work. We're looking for a few -400's to be able to park our classics.

It appears that Sonair will be providing the FA's. There will just be a differences training in MIA for them.

If AAWW (Atlas World Wide Holdings) bought World, they would be operated separately for a while, so a pilot merger would be down the road. We have to see how the FAA deals with the current merger of Atlas and Polar pilots. AAWW wants it to be a package where a pilot for the combined list could fly a Polar plane one day, then an Atlas plane the next. Not sure if the FAA will buy off on that.

The rumor at Atlas is, they chased the Sonair deal so they could get the experience square filled to make AMC pax service an option down the road.

A contact I have at AMC, says Atlas has a VERY good rep there, and may be able to make that work on the Pax side.
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