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Thanks for those links. I will definite look into buying that book and the website not only looks sharp, but is full of information.
I once read that trying to merge established companies is like trying to combine tribes. Different policies, procedures, histories, icons, cultures.. it is NOT an easy job and the synergies often touted are not realized. Instead of 1+1=3 it is often 1+1= <1.

Lots of visionaries along the way and more than a few plodders. (FWIW, the difference between a visionary and a leader is a visionary keeps the plans mostly covered. A leader tells everyone what the goal is.)

Beavais at America West and he took them through, what... 2 bankruptcies before heading off. At USAir there was Colodny and Schofield, certainly not leaders. Wolf never worked at an airline that he didn't leave in shambles after walking off with tons of money. Seigel continued the wrecking ball and later went to Gate Gourmet where he treated the employees so badly British Airways terminated their catering contract early with penalty rather than continuing business with "Davy".

PI was a fun place to work. Really. And the PSA guys absolutely loved the life in California.
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