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Originally Posted by 250 or point 65 View Post
Ok, please forgive me for being Debbie Downer, but I just don't get this.

I am all for pilots helping pilots, but if you're furloughed, and you do all this research to find companies, why would you want the companies you apply to, to be flooded by resumes? I like the spirit, but it just doesn't make sense to me. All kinds of people do this on the boards.

"YESS! I found a great place to apply thats actually hiring! How many people can I also tell about this so that I can worsen the odds I'll get a job as much as I possibly can?!"
I am sorry to disagree with you but it's that same kind of mentality that has put this profession where it is; lowering of pay, respect of the captain.... meaning "a captain's airline" like TWA was vs. the gate agent having control of the airplane and writing up captain's like at Continental. APA and their covert actions with ALPA destroying the careers of TWA pilots and the list goes on...

We must stop with the attitude... "we eat our young"

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