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Originally Posted by Winged Wheeler View Post
Thanks for replying to that post--I thought it was a good article but it didn't generate any heat. You make a couple of good points and a couple with which I disagree. I'll try to get back and go over them all later.

One quick thing though. Fedex and UPS are prohibited by law from delivering the mail. They can be contractors for the USPS, but that organization has a monopoly given to it by the federal government. If you got rid of this barrier to competition I'll bet FDX and UPS, or some local outfits, would provide this service efficiently and cheaper than we have it now.

I understand the point you are trying to make but there's no way that Fed Ex and UPS could pick up the slack. They are not set up to hit every residence, every day, like the USPS does. Their business model doesn't even come close to allowing that. There's really no money in delivering coupons and pizza flyers, not enough to justify a UPS guy's $30+ an hour.
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