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Originally Posted by aaronmb View Post
I worked for Executive Airshare in 2005-2006 and can vouch for the demand it puts on their pilots. While I was there their policy went from 3 hard days off a month to 1, mainly because they were tired of paying bonus pay on the pilot's hard days off!
While the pilots were great to fly with, they were looking actively for "greener pastures". Proline 21 is a pipe dream, as stated earlier. This is definitely NOT the family-friendly corporate job!
Interesting. Are they parking airplanes right now or are they seeing a bump in the "value" category like Avantair with owners from other fractionals migrating to the cheaper aircraft? I would expect that the Phenom 100 would impress enough people with its efficiency to keep some sales coming in... Have they slowed the delivery rate of the Phenom or has that delivery timeline remained the same?

Last question: if you have only 1 hard day off per month, what is the more "realistic" schedule that pilots there are seeing now in terms of days flying per week? Are people flying 5-6 days per week (maybe out-and-backs) every week?
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