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Originally Posted by BlueRidger328 View Post
Well we are short FO's, and they are Upgrading at least 6 maybe up to 18 FO's to captains, so it would look likely that they would need to hire about that many new hires. They are also hirinig Dispatchers and FA's on a basis greater than what we would appear to need. Either they are preparing for growth or more likely preparing for massive attrition. Time will tell.

Oh yeah the 2 growth theories are(not mine):that we are buying Shuttle America's 175's. because they are buying Frontierand losing their DL contract. or that they are transferring more of Comair's flying to other regionals including Compass.
Dispatchers are moving from Chantilly to MSP in a few months...not all will make the move...Compass will need more dispatchers.

Flight Attendants are getting fired or quitting at a fairly steady pace. It's essentially a minimum wage job. I'm guessing attrition will always be high for Flight Attendants unless compensation is changed dramatically...not holding my breath.

I don't have any inside information, but I just don't see any growth at Compass (not necessarily a bad thing). Why would Republic sell it's airplanes to Delta? They have 25 airlines, I'm sure they can find somewhere to fly them if Delta were to decide to cancel their contract.

Of course this is all opinion.
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