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Originally Posted by bgmann View Post
So I purchased the Sheppard's Air exam guide and I now know why people recommend it. I will recommend to all my friends, and will NOT recommend it to anyone above me in seniority!

So I ask help with a question (answer in bold is correct):

Which maximum range factor decreases as weight decreases?

a. Angle of Attack

b. Altitude


"So...if were talking about maximum range; as we burn enroute fuel, our aircraft gets lighter. If our aircraft it lighter it will travel faster, correct? So wouldn't it be beneficial to us to have a lighter aircraft, equalling faster airspeed thence increasing range?" I am missing something? Why is maximum range decreased when we're lighter?

You got the first part but then lost it! In level flight Lift = Weight remember? More weight needs more lift, more lift is achieved by higher airspeed (higher fuel burn)! Burn fuel, lower weight, less lift required therefore lower airspeed! Lower airspeed therefore equals lower fuel burn = longer range! Maximum range is NOT decreased when you're lighter, the airspeed (lift) required to obtain maximum range (distance travelled on fuel available) is reduced! Remember we're talking range, not time en-route!
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