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So far, since the strike began, one scab management crew moved an empty plane. ABX pilots refused to operate the two 767's chartered to AJT; a management crew was flown in on Lear N88NJ to operate it. They went into the cockpit and emerged :30 later, refusing to fly.

Aeroservices sent a recovery crew to Venezuela to ferry back a 727 impounded by the Venezuelan government after the countries unions reminded them that after 48 hours in country, it had to be impounded.

Last night, the ABX chief pilot flew into MIA and operated a scab flight with a yet unknown management pilot.

These guys are standing strong. They need everyones support. Kudo's to:

APA (American)
USAPA (East AND West)
IBT Local 1224 (Atlas, ABX, Polar & Kalitta)
IBT Local 747 (ATI, Arrow, Great Lakes, Republic, Gulfstream, Horizon,
Miami Air, North American, Omni & USA3000)
Non union cargo pilots in the Miami area

...and the individual ALPA pilots that have stood up.

It's time for everyone to stand up for these guys and ask where the others are.
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