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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
This is one of those occasional pie-in-the-sky NTSB ideas that will not pass muster in the real world.
You maybe right about this type of testing being used in the real world, but the JCAB does this testing if you tell the medical examiner that you snore, sleep often during the day, and if you feel fatigued during normal wake hours.
One of the Syd based guys at JAL told the Doc that he snored and the medical dept put him on the beach for about 6 weeks until he *passed* all of the requirements to come back. Several years ago a train crashed in Tokyo and the driver had a history of sleep apnea. Killed a bunch of people and the government took action.
When the Doctor asked if I snored, the answer was no. If he asked my wife he might have gotten a different answer.
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