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Originally Posted by astrojet View Post
theres a lot of money to be made in the airline business, unfortunatley its not flying passengers, but playing shell games, a select few will make millions when compass is spun off from nwa
Losers wine about their troubles. Winners go home and f*ck the prom queen!

Ask yourself how you could be a part of those select few?
Do you want to be an airline manager?? I don't. Both my parents were. My dad started by servicing the toilets. My mom started as a flight attendent. Dad furloughed 3 times. After 30 years from both, they are somewhat upper level management making about what a 757 captain makes. And they work a lot harder and a lot more. They actually take their work home with them!

I would never want to take their career path. Too unpredictable. They both got lucky. But if you think the "select few" airline managers have a good life, I CHALLENGE you to try and become one.
Good luck.
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