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Default logging sim time

Refer to 14 CFR 61.4 Qualification and approval of flight simulators and flight training devices. My first question is, is this simulator / FTD approved? If not, then you cannot log it to satisfy any training or currency requirements which is the whole point of logging time in the first place.

Secondly, when I log time in a sim/FTD...

Aircraft type: FRASCA (the type of sim/ftd)
Aircraft N#: 141 or 242 respectively (the type of Frasca)
From: The name of the flight school or airport where the approved sim/FTD is located.
Leave the To column blank
Remarks: what you did and the names and locations of any approaches.
Number of approaches: how ever many approaches you practiced in the sim.
Flight Simulator: how ever long you spent in the sim/FTD.

Have your instructor, or if you are the instructor, sign the logbook.

Do Nots...

Do not log sim/ftd time in the ASEL or AMEL column
Do not log sim/ftd time as total time
Do not log sim/ftd time as dual received
Do not log sim/ftd time as PIC
Do not log sim/ftd time as actual or hood.

As someone previously posted, it does not have any engines and it does not fly so do not log it as flight time.

If I could log time in an FTD or sim as multi, I would be in that thing every day.
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