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Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneIt View Post
I know I kind of pick at some of the Kool-Aid drinkers there about it. It's all in fun, of course.....asking them if they have recieved their check yet. When you interview with them they tell you that they participate in profit-sharing. The online blogs say that Avantair participates in profit-sharing as well.

However. the only people at Avantair that REALLY participate in profit-sharing are a select few of the upper management. Anyone can view that information in the public SEC filings.

Avantair DOES NOT have a policy in place for its pilots to participate in any profit-sharing. When I interviewed with them they told me that they DID have profit-sharing......they just forgot to mention to me that the pilot group wasn't included. LOLOLOLOL

I'll bet that 99% of Avant guys still think they are a part of the plan. If they would just ask the DO, he'd tell them that they aren't included. The only thing the pilots will get is a retirement plan in which the company pays 25% on the first 3% of the pilot's contribution.

The blogs (including the one on this website) are wrong.

Fellas...(and gals).....inform yourself. Knowledge is Power.
To bring you up to speed Geronimo, as indicated above, BTDI failed to do his home work before trying to blast his previous employer. He continues to try to educate others, perhaps due in large part because he himself failed to know what he was getting into when he attempted to get his first real job in aviation.

To all those reading, although BTDI's information is frequently inaccurate, he is right about one thing: Educate yourself prior to accepting employment from any operator. BTDI may not have that chip on his shoulder had he researched the company prior to accepting a training class.

BTW, Avantair is hiring.
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