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Originally Posted by 130drvr View Post
Air Force to cut 3,700 airmen in 2 years - Air Force News, news from Iraq - Air Force Times

"The drawdown is back.
Less than two weeks after announcing new incentives to keep airmen serving in undermanned career fields, the Air Force late Monday announced it needs to cut 3,700 enlisted airmen and officers in 2010 and 2011.
Driving the cuts are better-than-expected retention rates that could leave the service above its authorized size of 331,700 active-duty airmen by the end of 2010, the Air Force announced.
Among enlisted troops, the Air Force is targeting those who are retirement eligible and those with less than 14 years of service.
For officers, the program will encourage colonels and lieutenant colonels to retire early. The service is also cutting back the number of new officers it plans to commission during 2010 from Officer Training School and ROTC."

First we pay guys to get out in 2007, then we recall guys, now we aare going to "ask" O-5/6's to retire. Unreal force management.
Unfortunately it happens all the time. I new guys in the early 90's that took the bonus to stay in (6 years at that time) and then get a separation bonus to get out when passed over for O-4(harder to get promoted at that time). At that time the airlines were hiring so now they are Captains at major airlines. Sometimes timing is everything.
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