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I applied for this job too last week. Just waiting for the form to be returned indicating whether I met the minimum requirements (more than just flight time) or not and been moved on to the next step.

From my research, they do have a lot of former military, but not all. I've been talking to a few of the guys over the past year or more and they (my contacts) are a mix of former P121 guys and Army C-12.

Clue spoke of the time on the road. Your time on the road differs whether you are a SIC or PIC from my understanding. SIC spend less time on the road (fly less) and have more ground duties while the PIC are flying more (approx 70% from one report).

The major advantages of this job seem to be the pay and stability. This mission isn't going away in my estimation - it should be growing over time with the advent of more and more approaches. It seems that this is one of those jobs that people make into a career with very little turnover.

Concur with the application though. Mine ended up being 12 pages long and my community doesn't log time in the same manner as the supplemental application required, so it was quite the challenge to go back through ALL of the civilian and military logbooks to complete the form >whew<

There is at least one former P121 pilot who posts on APC though I haven't seen him active in some time. this thread title ought to catch his attention though if he still visits.

Good luck to all that might have applied and please keep everyone updated.

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