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Default Considering a Career? Read This

The Truth About the Profession - Home

This site sums up most of what you really need to know before you start.

UPDATE (Apr 2018): Most of the info in this article is still generally relevant to the airline industry, but at this point in time the opportunities for pilots in general, and airline pilots in particular, are very good. Due to a massive number of known age 65 retirements over the next decade, and responsible business behavior on the part of airline managers, the employment and financial opportunities in the industry appears to be at an all time high, and likely to stay that way for many years.

Typical civilian pilot career opportunity timeline today (with very rough estimates of annual income):

Flight School: 8-12 months (PPL/IR/CPL/CFI/CFII)
CFI: 18-24 months ($40k)
Regional FO: 2 Years ($50k+)
Regional CA: 1-3 Years ($70k+)
Major FO: 5-10 Years ($150k+) (depends on retirements/growth at the major in question).

This assumes aggressive progression, ie take each career step as early as possible. A senior major FO at a big legacy can chose to fly widebodies as an FO or upgrade to narrowbody CA. Either route should put you well above $200K, likely $300K+.

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