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Originally Posted by hindsight2020 View Post
I see that the complaint above dealt with not flying enough. Doesn't the FAA job provide you with the level of monetary compensation and time off to be able to pursue flying on your own dime and time to your heart's content? I would consider that the biggest benefit of that job. Unless the position represented a substantial paycut and doesn't afford you flying. Honest question.
The problem is flying too much/gone too much. Bad reserve=used everyday, 10 days off, plan on being extended/jr. manned one of those days off/mo. I've had at least 1 5 day trip/mo for the last 3 months. Not bad if you're single or even just married. Married with 2 kids and 1 on the way just isn't ideal to me. (yes, I knew what I was getting into...didn't anticipate it taking so long...waited to upgrade until I could hold a line and then downgrades and hours cut so that I'm now on reserve for almost a a regional...) I am thankful for my job, just keeping an eye out and contemplating something better
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