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Originally Posted by Mrsmith42e View Post
Hey people,

I am interest in working for Ameriflight out in Burbank, CA. However, I do not understand what they mean on the airline profile page by

"Ameriflight currently has a reciprocal agreement only with Southwest"

What is a reciprocal agreement?

A reciprocal jumpseat agreement is an agreement between airlines whereby each airline will allow the other airline's pilots -- and sometimes other personnel -- to travel free on a space available basis. Subject to some limitations, this can include cockpit jumpseats. Very convenient, but there are some risks: Chiefly, that you may get "bumped" off the jumpseat by someone with higher priority, such as one of the company's own pilots, an FAA inspector, etc.

It's important to remember that any jumpseat ride is a courtesy extended to the jumpseater by the airline providing the ride. A very fast way to poison the well (and maybe get the jumpseat agreement canceled) is to act rude, pushy, try to talk your way aboard after you've been denied, show up looking like a crud, etc.
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