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Originally Posted by OscartheGrouch View Post
AA767 boy,

At 47 with no desire to work past 60, I am willing to give up working. I currently am in a position that probably will allow me to do so. Based on where you are would you be willing to do the same? Will this industry be good to you? It has been good to me (you know anything about baseball?) but I don't know about 13 yrs from now.

Just so you know, I felt the same way when I flew with my father on his "last flight" in 1993. It was all about age discrimination then and nothing has changed. The selfishness still exists. Can you recognize who is the selfish one?
Common Dude,
It's selfishness all around. There are VERY few people here who can give an opinion-one way or the other-where that opinion doesn't affect them. We were all hired under this rule. Lets live with it. If those that are for changing the rule SOLEY because of age discrimination, then they should be proposing that everyone who is age 23 and gets a ATP can retire at 65 FROM THIS DATE FORWARD. NOT RETROACTIVELY. Now everyone is happy. Rule has changed and the junior guys don't get screwed.
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