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Originally Posted by jrutt View Post
if qual of life is real important to u then an international ACMI is probably not for U. if u like adventure in far away places maybe worth a go.

Evergreen has been a stop gap job for hundreds. i personally like the flying and the crews are all pretty good guys.

time to upgrade is tough to tell.quickest i remember is 14-15 months but he has been down graded for a few years now. we are not growing. basically stay at 10 to 14 a/c for the last 15years. i can only guess we will get some 400's park some classics. the wars in iraq and afgan will determine our shrinkage. the owner is old and has no kids to take over. ? ??? ther are alot of IF's. if like adventure with low pay evergreen is the place for you.

Don't come here with delusions that it is anything more, that way u wont be disapointed. ive never missed a paycheck and i have personelly never been furloughed(lucky) and the airline has never been in bankruptcy. Also on the plus side we are getting 400's and we have the dreamlifter w/Boeing.
Thanks! What is YOUR typical (I realize there may be nothing typical), but a typical schedule like? I've heard anything from 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off with occasionally as long as 18 out. How often are you out longer than 2 weeks? Do you stay in crash pads for reserve or do you have many reserves? I've got a buddy furloughed from World, but is too lazy (or something), to get on here. Another buddy is at Atlas and seems their schedule is all over the place. Thanks for your input.
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