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Originally Posted by Pilotguy143 View Post
The funny thing is that at Comair, we are trying to circumvent the new ruling. According to the latest internal memo, we may need to sit with pax on the airplane with the door open (hence not being out and the 3 hour clock not started) when the gate is congested.

So, pax are going to be stuck on airplanes for 4+ hours, but having it not count for the 3 hour rule. Just another example of the government having a knee jerk reaction, and having the companies try and circumvent the policy.
I'm all for showing congress what the "law of unintended consequences" is all about but what that suggests borders on malicious and deceitful. Besides sitting in my office for hours on end while not getting paid does not sound like something I'd be gung ho about anyway.

To the Politicians,
Fix the flocking airspace/atc system and most of these problems would not happen. Use at least 1/4 of the money you get from all the taxation you shovel onto the airlines for improving the NAS. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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