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IMHO, 90% of it is all about the money. Going over at the bottom would cost me $100,000 in the first two years. It'd take at least 8 years to break even. I'm 54 now. There's no quarantee I'd pass my First Class medical next month much less two years from now, so I'm throwing away $100,000 for what? So I can act like an Arrogant Anus in a big shiny jet? So I can sit reserve on an antique in LGA? What's the upside for someone like me?

For the first 150 or so going over at 3rd pay and vested into their retirement 2-3 years, there is a very positive upside. For the remaining middle-aged pilots and older, the negatives begin to outway the positives. For younger guys, it is the other way around.

I'm positive the first 35 seats will be filled and expect 90-95% of the 244 seats will be filled. Once hiring resumes at AA, I expect enough younger CAs will be found to fill the 1 out of 2 classes....but I don't expect that to happen for at least 4 years if not 5 or 6.
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