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Originally Posted by Captain Bligh View Post
Not to mention the fact that if you do get a copy of SoCal's relative list, the first thing you may notice is that there are CAL pilots on the list that were born in 1938, a few in 1942... I doubt that the list holds any more credibility than the straight DOH list.
Your right Bligh.....

There's a '38, '39, '41, '42, and two '44s figured/included into the list you refer too (D.O.B.). That's a TOTAL of 6 pilots when dealing with 11,000+ slots between the two list' bad! Now I was never a math-whiz, but I can tell you first hand that .0005% (the equivalent of 6 slots factored into the 11+K) is a pretty "small" number. I'll can speak to the 'architect' of the sketch, and I'm sure he can remove those 'pilots' if it makes things sit better for you.

As I expressed earlier, this model in which you refer too Bligh is NOT MEANT to be the "end all to be all solution". It's just a "ROUGH" sketch of what Relative Seniority means/pertains when looking at the two groups. This list is not expect to used as a science/carbon copy, it's just a cog in the wheel of a 'think tank' while the SLI is being discussed.....nothing more.
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