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Originally Posted by LifeNtheFstLne View Post
Longevity and date of hire are not interchangeable terms. One can easily have many years since they were hired and only a few of them be active (ex: UAL guys that have been furloughed twice). There seems to be much confusion over this. Longevity for pay purposes is contract specific.
You are correct. UA does have furloughs with greater longevity than your most junior Capt in EWR.

I'm a voluntary furlough that really doesn't have an intention of going back. Having said that and if my intention was to return, with 12+ years UA longevity where would you put me on the list? I have recall rights for 10 years, and they mean that I expect a fair integration that respects my active service when the most junior guy/gal at CAL was worried about their acne problem.

To suggest that a furloughed pilot with more active time at UA goes below the most junior CAL pilot won't work anymore than DOH or strict relative seniority.

ALPA changed the policy for that reason to avoid the whole US AIR fiasco. Would I expect to have a number far higher than CALs junior EWR Capt. Yes. Would they be seat protected, yes, until whatever action happened to bump them then their seniority would dictate their next bid, well below me or any other person with much greater active service.

This will be interesting to watch. Glad I'm on the outside looking in.

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