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Originally Posted by Rocketiii View Post
I was about to type the same thing. The only point that is made in the tirade is that there is nothing we can do about it at this point as individuals regarding the integration. The direction of the companies are made by a few personalities that will come and go over time. We must protect ourselves as no one else will. I believe we should also stand united for our CBA. But the reason for my post was to illustrate that there will be hurt feelings as we are individually protective of our own rights. There is nothing at UAL that I want. Nothing from the uniform to an oil dripping, gas guzzling 747. And I assume no one at UAL wants to fly one of our 737s from IAH to OKC. So the widebody argument vis a vis career expectations isnt as clear as UAL has X% and CAL has X%, just as someone menioned in a fictitious mergere with Evergreen.

I dont want this, but Im just a pilot for hire. But I will be a team player. Just be realistic about the strengths, weakness, etc of our individual airlines and hopefully the arbitrator will see that. It is out of our hands. As a 12 year guy on a 737 that flies from Anchorage to Quito and everywhere in between, I dont feel like getting put next to a 12 year guy at any airline that has less than that. Date of hire, percentage or not. And I believe UAL considers a 757 a widebody (which it isnt), so I guess we could consider all of our 737-900s widebodies also since they hold nearly identical passenger loads. Its a slippery slope when going down the widebody is the end all be all of career expectations.
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what kind of foolishness are you talking about?? Obviously you haven't Been near our 747-400's or you'd know (or coming from USAIR maybe you wouldn't) that the oil consumption is Less than the 737 because we have to fly much longer legs and we maintain our engines to ETOPS oil consumption limits. So you show that you know NOTHING!!
And to make ANOTHER point We 'LOVED' and flew the 737's while you guys were flying those "Hotdog Bun" MD80's. So You REALLY don't know anything!!
Maybe you should have STAYED at USAIR because you sound just like those LOSERS. Hooray for ME! and SCREW you?? Isn't that your motto??
Get this straight Einstien! Nobody did ANY of this Just to screw YOU!!
Nobody asked any of yours, or OUR OPINIONS!! And if it happens or if it doesn't!! YOUR opinion about the merits of it STILL won't mean JACK!
So if your "knickers" are in a twist?? Big Deal! Join the CLUB!! AT UAL the PAY is for Groupings of similarly "skilled" airplanes. 757/767 are considered interchangeable from the Pilot seat as BOTH fly ETOPS and BOTH have their improtance to the fleet. 747/777, A320/A319/737 were similarly grouped That's why with a similar number of airplanes we flew 36 Million more revenue passenger Kilometers than CAL did JAN-DEC 2009. Cal 125,155,550 RPK, UAL 161,665,392, RPK so the "something" WE bring to the table is pretty damn "considerable" and we did it with these SAME "Jurasic" airplanes, So you don't have anything to say about Jack! Obviously somebody smarter than YOU thought this was a good idea and I tend to agree with them!! And another thing! You ARE going to come to United's proceedures, OUR OCC, and OUR way of doing things... I already Know that, so we'll see you again in the spring when you start calling the "Big Willie" in Sweet home Chicago "Hometown". Bring a coat! It can get cold. Cuz I'm gonna tell you what! We're gonna show Delta, American and our "snotty" cousins over IN Frankfurt, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore How it's REALLY Done! They're pretty trite in calling Us Americans a bunch of "Cowboys".. GET THIS ACT TOGETHER, AND WE'LL give those "chumps" a REASON to call us "Buckaroos".. And STOP with the Whining! JeeZ!! You act like somebody DIED and named YOU the boss talkin bout what YOU don't like!!
Give it a break will you, whatta ya gonna do Quit?? Hardly likely!!
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