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Everybody needs to show as many visible signs of displeasure over this situation as possible. Start by stealing my avatar. Better yet, print it out onto a sticker and make it visible publicly:

Example 1
Example 2

For those of you with a "wait and see" attitude (and you know who you are...) How long are you willing to wait? These pilots have been holed up in a hotel for 49 days since the accident.

Some folks I know have been in touch (almost daily) with Jan and Joe. From what we hear, these guys are essentially under house arrest in their hotel. They can't leave due to safety concerns, and have only had a handful of opportunities to actually get outside (on the hotel rooftop) in the past month.

Write your senators. Call your representatives. Send an email to the Sean Hannity or Jon Stewart or any of the other talking heads. Just do something!

If you're not familiar with what is going on down in Brazil (such as false accusations and fingerpointing), take a moment to read about it! Here are a few links:
Joe Sharkey is a reporter and freelance journalist. He was travelling on the Embraer Legacy that collided with the 737 as a passenger, while writing a story for an aviation journal. He has written his points of view on the experience as well as provides some background and other information as it has been reported by various sources.
An article from the Washington Post about the latest decision regarding not allowing the pilots to come home.
An AP article that discusses how the involved ATC controllers have been placed on medical leave, and have yet to be interviewed about their actions on the day of the accident.
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