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Default Subcontract Airlines (Part 121 "Regional")

Originally Posted by TonyWilliams View Post
I have suggested just that. Edit to clarify: I only suggested that we change the name of the forum to accurately reflect the airlines being discussed. Clearly, there's not much regional about SkyWest, for instance. And several "majors" are indeed limited to regional areas.

So, I'd call it "Contracted Airlines".

Let's do it. As the NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said herself, "Regionals are the Mainline". The term "Regional" is one of the most useful tools the people destroying our industry have. Here's a chance to take that away from them. Make a statement by changing the APC "Regional" forum to Contract Airlines forum. Just maybe you will start a trend that will help stop the brainwashing of the pilots, the public and the media. As long as people let the industry nomenclature be used as a weapon they will never see any improvements. Everyone reading this needs to make an effort not to use the "R" word when referring to outsourced, contracted airlines and you will see a difference in perception. Perception is what drives decisions and airline management knows this well.


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