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Originally Posted by NoStep View Post
While I completely agree with the sentiment here, not sure about the birth or timeline of the term regional. It's been around a bit longer.

North Central, Western, Bonanza, Hughes Airwest, MohawkAllegheny, Ozark, etc. were to one degree or another TRUE regional airlines. They flew mainline equipment with similar wages, in direct competition with majors like Pan Am, TWA, etc.

The more recent advent of code-share and small jets, whose sole purpose is to feed the mainline, have changed this industry forever.
You are most probably correct. I am not up to speed on the history of the US airline business.

My own carrier used to fall into this category as well, selling their own tickets and later entered into one of the first-ever code sharing agreements with United Airlines.

In any case, it's a term that has outlived it's usefulness. As has 'commuter' or 'puddlejumper'.
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