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Originally Posted by Petethedog View Post
Anybody here been hired by West Air yet? They still have a posting on their site saying they are looking for pilots in nor/socal. If so, any details to share? Thanks...
I spoke with HR for about 20 mins this week. They wanted to know if I were still interested in the position along with my last 135 checkout, the last time I flew the C208 and whether or not I would give up my recall #. We talked about potential bases if brought onboard. I got the impression they're looking for guys with C208 time and 135 experience. If your on furlough like me, they'll want you to give up your #.
I was asked to "hang tight" they're still filtering through resumes and plan on having 1 or 2 interviewing sessions in the next few weeks. I was told I would be contacted for further consideration in the next couple of weeks. At which time, I would be told where and when to interview.
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