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Really?!? What is next....................................

Ryanair Moves Ahead with Charging For Toilets & Adding Standing Seats | CheapOair
Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair is at it again with two ideas that are surely going to open more than a few traveler's eyes. Starting early next year the airline will introduce cheaply priced standing seats. Yes you read that correctly...standing seats!

So how does Ryanair plan to offer these new seats to brave passengers for only four pounds (about $6 USD) per seat? Charge those same passengers, and everyone else on the plane, to use the restroom on-board. Ryanair will test out their "vertical seats" idea early next year, around the same time they will unveil pay toilets.

The airline plans to knock out the last ten rows of seats from all 250 planes and replace that space with 15 rows of standing seats. Ryanair is thinking of removing two toilets from the back of the plane, but that idea is still in the early stages.

This new reconstruction of the plane's interiors would allow 40 to 50 more passengers on-board each flight, which would allow Ryanair to lower their ticket prices. The money made from charging people to pee would help pay for the new vertical seats.

Passengers that opt for vertical seating would be restrained with a seat belt that would go over their shoulder. Ryanair strongly believes that this new idea will pass safety tests. However a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority does not think Ryanair can pull off this unique new idea since passengers need to be seated during take-off and landing.

So the burning question today is simple...would you A) Pay for a standing seat and B) Pay to use the restroom on a plane if it meant lower ticket prices? Leave your comment below.

Source: Metro
Ryanair is a "standup" airline, **** on them!!
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