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I applaud SWA for charging double if they require two seats. I don't see what's so wrong about it. EVERY airline should be doing it and I'm very shocked they don't. As a pilot it really bothers me because our business lives on customer service. Forcing someone to sit next to someone else that's 1/2 into their seat because they are so huge just isn't fair to the other passenger. I have no sympathy for most of them because it's a bunch of laziness and lack of discipline on their part. A 14yr old so big they need two seats? Buy two or get off the aircraft. Start walking or something. I see people so fat they make others push them around the airport in wheelchairs then next think I know I see them at McDonalds pounding down a burger.

I don't see why we can't make this a legal issue. We plan on an average wait per pax seated in a seat. If they take up two seats they need to be counted twice.
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