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We have a PBS LOA, but PBS is not functional at this point. We still have a few months before the FLICA people figure it out.

Also, the current system compares the average reserve coverage of current open time for the entire length of the trip in question. If the average reserve coverage is greater after the proposed swap, then it will be awarded.

The system automatically spits out crap like this after a denial:

Insufficient Reserve Staffing; Reserve Analysis Details: Date,MinimumReserves,NumReserves,NumOTTrips,NetOTC hange,NetReservesBefore,RelativeReservesBefore,Net ReservesAfter,RelativeReservesAfter,ReservePCTBefo re,ReservePCTAfter 2010-09-14,15,14,1,1,13,-2,12,-3,-13.33%,-20% AvgBefore=-13.33% AvgAfter=-20%

Does that help?

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