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Originally Posted by Corndawg88 View Post
I dunno man, I've worked with SkyWest Airlines for 4 years, on the ramp and now in OPs. The BST and OJT takes about a month to do, if you only work for them for the next month, I think you might burn the bridge to come back and fly for them later.

1. That's illegal.

2. Flight Ops could not possibly care less what other departments think, they will make their own hiring decisions unless there is documented bad performance. And some ramp supervisor can't document "bad performance" due to military leave, HR would kabosh that in instant since it would only be hard evidence for the lawsuit.

3. The federal government, which used to somewhat lackluster on this, has lately gotten very serious about nailing employers wo mistreat military reserves...they have to take care of the people who are fighting their wars for them. Employers know this and are treading very lightly right now.
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