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I noticed that the report did not list the CASM for regional affiliates, only mainline and consolidated. I went through and calculated the regional CASM’s:

UAX 15.51˘ vs. UAL mainline at 12.16˘

COEX 18.58˘ vs. CAL mainline at 11.27˘

Also notable was the fuel cost for available seat mile:

UAX 4.91˘ vs. UAL mainline at 3.79˘

Part of this is due to the price of UAX fuel which is 5% higher, likely due to the need to refuel at outstations. That still leaves 25%, which would be due to other inefficiencies of the regional affiliates.

The CASM for UAL mainline has been stable over the last few quarters. The CASM for UAX did decrease several cents, and had been more closely related to the current cost of COEX.
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