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Originally Posted by kc135driver
Wow, over 9B in unrestricted cash, way higher than DAL at around 5B.

Seems like a great time to settle some open contracts!

Originally Posted by SoCalGuy
WSJ this morning released a numbers comparison via their blog saying that DAL + AMR = Approx $10B+ cash on hand (per the links below). If UAL is touting $9B alone in it's UNrestricted cash on hand numbers (Of course, this would be AFTER the 'healthy' compensation packages that the NEW UAL Exec's bequethed to themselves), UAL has ENOUGH money in which to "lay down" for our JCBA. PERIOD

"FoSho"'s all about the FUPM.
You both beat me to it. DL is relative in size to the new UA and they have almost 50% less on their balance sheet than our company? Like you said about the realities of the situation:

F United P M!
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