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Default Let them know whos boss1

I am currently flight training at UND and am from Hawaii and go home about twice a year. Im usually only home for a few weeks and always get short memberships. As a pilot you know all about networking....the same goes for gyms. I go home for three weeks and pay $40 for the whole time....relatively speaking this would cost some random who walked in about $120. When I was home for the summer i paid $100 for three months....No initiation or processing fees. Just talk to them and let them know that your serious about a membership and that you know people who have paid a $90 processing and initiation fee and have paid $30/month after that....(thats what i paid while in high school).....the reason they want to get an expensive rate out of you is because they make a percentage of everyones monthly payment that they sign up. So be slow and make sure you understand everything they are offering....they'll also try to jack up the monthly by offering unnecessary just take your time and you should be fine
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