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Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneIt View Post
Its accurate. It also turns out that one of their pilots sent an anonymous e-mail to the entire pilot group on the company e-mail server. That e-mail quoted the CEO's new compensation package. How freakin' funny! It must have been effective because "apparently" the CEO has decided to forgo his bonus package this year since he forced the pilots to work an extra month each year. Its good to see at least ONE pilot there with some testicles.
Executive compensation is public information for them since they are a publicly traded company. Anybody can look that up in their annual (10-K) reports right on their website. If you were so inclined to look that information up yourself, you'd see that the CEO's bonus for the last 2 fiscal years averaged over $400K, effectively doubling his salary each year. If you go back another year, you'll see that his annual "housing/automobile allowance" got as high as $74,450 ( that'd be a big mortgage or car payment!). Again, public information, you just gotta take the time to look for it.

I don't know what you mean by "apparently" the CEO has decided to forgo his bonus package this year, but their fiscal year doesn't end until June and nobody will know what their CEO (or other executives) got this year until their next annual report comes out next September...
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