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Default You might be a freight dog if...

You might be a freight dog if...
• Your airplane was getting old when you were born.
• You have not done a daylight landing in the past six months.
• ATC advises you of smoother air at a different altitude, and you don't care.
• When you taxi up to an FBO they roll out the red carpet, but quickly take it back when they recognize you.
• You call the hotel van to pick you up and they don't understand where you are on the airport.
• Centre asks you to "keep the chickens down" so they can hear you talk.
• Your airplane has more than 75,000 cycles.
• Your company call sign is "Oil Can".
• The lady at the FBO locks up the popcorn machine because you plan on "making a meal of it".
• Your airplane has more than eight faded logos on it.
• You wear the same shirt for a week, and no one complains.
• Centre mispronounces your call sign more than three times in one flight.
• Your Director of Operations mysteriously changes your max. take off weight during the holiday season.
• Every FBO makes you park out of sight of their building.
• You have ever walked barefoot through the FBO because you just woke up.
• You mark every ramp with engine oil.
• Everything you own is in you flight bag and suitcase.
• All the other pilots wait for you to “test the squall line” first.
• All the other airlines hold to see if you get in.
• You request the visual approach with 300’ overcast and ½ SM vis.
• You make no attempt to deviate around weather.

-Feel free to add to the list, everyone fly safe out there!
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