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Default To major in aviation, or not to major in aviation?

After reading through this board, it seems that a number of you are currently majoring in aviation, or have majored in aviation.

I've been told by some pilots not to major in aviation. The reason being, if you were to lose your medical, get furloughed, etc., you will have a hard time finding a job outside of aviation.

On the other hand, I have been told by some pilots that a degree is a degree, and it basically is nothing more than a piece of paper showing a possible employer that you have the ability to work toward, and obtain a goal over a given amount of time. I've even had some pilots recommend that I major in aviation to get my degree and ratings all in one.

I am currently not majoring in aviation, but live only a few hours away from a college that has a really good aviation program. My sister will be transferring to this college for her major soon, and I have been thinking of following her, and switching to aviation.

Although an aviation degree is not recommended for the reasons stated earlier, I think those reason can go for other jobs as well. People in the medical field can lose their license and ability to practice, etc. Is there anything wrong with majoring in aviation, and later on, down the road, getting a real-estate license on the side, or something like that as backup?

For those of you who are majoring in aviation, or have, if you would chime in, I would appreciate it.

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