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Around the local circuit there have been a variety of remembrances of Aaron and some of the people have made their memories part of public display in places such as here.

My own memory of working with Aaron covered many occasions working at the Wichita GliderPort 2008-2010 as a tow pilot, where Aaron checked me out for glider towing originally. In addition, Aaron was fond of dropping by Air Capital Drop Zone where he had been a pilot prior to my arrival, and where he came by many days during my own times and chatted with me. He was always the greatest gentleman and many an afternoon we shared beers, jokes, and anecdotes about the days flying. Aaron confided to me personally in his daily thoughts and I will ever cherish the experience. He was a great man in his simple, loving ways, and I always looked forward to his arrival and thoughts. Earth is lucky have such men walking upon it.

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