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Yes, no matter what, you can take off with 1sm vis. You need something to go lower and your carrier must be approved to use it.

Example: An early FAR 135 cargo carrier that I worked for didn't have the authorty to use lower than standard minimums. The company tried to force us to depart because it was posted on the jepp plate.

Example two: Working for another FAR 135 carrier as an IP, we had several aircraft along with a MD-88 preparing to take off on a foggy morning in KOAK. The problem was that the runway lighting that allowed the reducded TO minimums was inop. I asked the tower if they thought it would be fixed because I needed them to TO. Needless to say, everyone waited for the wx to improve. This is why you have the laudry list of TO minimums.

Originally Posted by TherealOC View Post
So let me make sure I have it all straight. So lets assume its a small airport we are talking about...and all they have listed is STD: 1 mile or 50 RVR and Adequate visual reference 1/4 mile or RVR 16. So in this situation my takeoff minimums would be 1 mile, unless company ops specs approved the lower than standard minimums of 1/4 mile or 16 RVR.

I guess I dont really understand why they post both for Jeppesen charts.
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