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Default degree is a degree

You said it best at first. A degree is a degree. It really doesn't matter what you major in. If a company sees that you are a hard worker, can put your mind to something and actually do it that is all they want. Obviously some jobs require a major in that field (ie: medicine) but you can learn aviation on the side. I have my BS in Aviation Flight Operations and I wish I would have got my degree in business and flew on the side so I would have something to fall back on in case the unthinkable happens. Also, you will be a more well rounded person. You will have knowledge on different aspects of the business instead of just driving the bus.

I am happy with my degree in flight ops, I am 22 and working for a regional with low time and can award that to my degree and school. Aviation degrees are very expensive. You are looking at paying around 120-150 thousand when you could have another degree (or 2 or 3) and fly and not pay that much.

Both decisions are a good way to go. You have to weigh the options on what you want to do.

Hope this helps