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Originally Posted by jumpseat2024 View Post
I tried to decipher the earlier post with the regs, but couldn't quite wrap my head around it. I'm just going to post an excerpt from a gouge (probably not a huge secret with one it's from) with the scenarios--Lay-man explainations are greatly appreaciated

What if RVR is reported as 6-6-6, can we depart?
YES, as long as your OP SPECS are approved to reduce the minimums from the standard and the chart has 6-6-6 published.
Some airports, as well as the airlines that operate out of them can do a 3-3-3.

You're gonna need Operative HIRLs and CL's as well.

Originally Posted by jumpseat2024 View Post
What if it drops to 5-6-6?
See above, if you are 5-5-5 approved, sure. If only approved for 6-6-6, no.

Originally Posted by jumpseat2024 View Post
What if an RVR value isn't reported put the others are 6 and 6, can we depart?
The three different FOM's I've worked under, yes. But it's not that it's "not reported" per se, more along the lines of inoperative. But yeah, same thing.

A runway mid RVR report may be substituted for either Touchdown zone RVR or Rollout RVR if one is inoperative, provided two other controlling RVR values are available. However, if all three reports are available, all three reports must be at or above the minimums for for the reduced visibility takeoff operation being conducted
However, look at the back of the PNS airport diagram and take off mins for 17/35. There's only 2 RVRs installed.

Originally Posted by jumpseat2024 View Post
If visibility is 1 mile and RVR is 1200 can we depart?
This is operator specific, but most companies comply with the same Op SPEC, most times. C55 is another example, but here is what mine says.

RVR reports, when available for a particular runway, shall be used for all takeoff operations on that runway
Feel like you're ready for your CA's oral yet?

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