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Originally Posted by tomgoodman View Post
Our long-time OpSpecs instructor, the legendary Pat Malone, enjoyed showing us "loopholes" and "gotchas" in the minimums. For example, the RVRs might be too low for Rwy 9, but legal if you use 27; or if the prevailing visibility is OK, taxi to a runway that doesn't have an RVR.
She'd always warn: "This is merely what's legal, not necessarily what's safe."
I heard that happen at our airport once. It was really foggy, but the winds were calm (probably contributing to the fog). We had RVR for one runway but none of the others. We were listening to the pilot of the regional jet they were going to take off the one runway but the RVR was too low. Yet the "reported visibility" was okay so they just taxied to the other runway and took off since the winds were calm.

Loop hole indeed!
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