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Originally Posted by KiloAlpha
What happens when you lose your medical, then what are you gonna do with you big fancy aviation degree... absolutely nothing except teach aviation perhaps. Or I suppose you could the executive fry cook at BK.

Ask the ol' timers who majored in aviation and they will tell you that they wished they majored in something else. I majored in "flight technology" for 2 semester then decided it was a complete waste of time and money. Plus it makes you rather one dimensional, wouldn't you like to know things outside the world of aviation?? There's more out there in this world than lift, weight, thrust, and drag.

I now major in business management and I can guarantee you that when I graduate (1 week yay) I will know more aviation based information than 90% of the guys who come out of a pilot factory. Granted, I have had a lot of training from a former Air Force pilot (now the captain I fly with in the King Air), but the point still remains.

Okay...First of all why are you so sure people with aviation degrees will lose thier medicals. Second, most of the old timers were involved in some sort of governement flying (NAVY, Air Force...). And finally what sort of information you are talking about that you will know more then 90% of us.
Not trying to start a fight, i just feel if i am going to aim for something (becoming an airline pilot in this case), i might as well give 110%. Grand it some companies do not care, but some companies will notice that you took some time and got an aviation degree.
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