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Ya, it really does sound like your trying to justify yourself with all that you know and how great the king air is. I also remember you saying that you were only logging like 200 hours a year, that doesn't look to good to most 121 carriers because you never fly. I am not going to dog on that b/c I hardly fly myself, but I am not going to bash everyone else to make myself bigger (and I'm not bashing you by the way ) Since you grad in a week which is awesome (im almost 2 yrs still) take that bigger twin time and apply at a regional now and stop wasting your time flying 200 hrs a year. Remember, like said above, you may have 3000 hrs Turbine PIC, but a 121 carrier will take a 121 guy with 1000 hrs turbine PIC in a heart beat before they will a 91 or 135 guy. Just food for thought, but good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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