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that's my dad he is overseas in middle east for the last 11 months and I'm in my frist month of flight traning . he helps when he can from skype but he can only help when he can call due to the job . I did not mean to upset you all and my dad was only looking for help for me to understand things better also the four questions are the one's I did not understand out of the 50 questions I had I got four wrong and was looking for some help and better understanding . and my dad took it upon his self to try this site to get some answers for me . for the record my dad works hard to help me the best he can and I proud of him even if some of you all say a 777 pilot should know this when even some other pilots did not even know some of the answers to my questions and one guy was a chief pilot on a G450 I ask at the airport in longbeach . so it goes to show it's not as easy as some my think . but I respect all you that helped thanks to you all I got 11 hours of flight time and a lot go
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