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Originally Posted by FlyJSH View Post
There are two schools of thought regarding furloughees.

One is they WERE hired and HAD a seniority number prior to the purchase of Mesaba, so they should be included in the SLI. If this method is used, you would be integrated somewhere in the final list ABOVE those hired AFTER the snapshot.

The other says because one was furloughed on the purchase date, his job did not exist, he was not an employee, therefore he has no right to be integrated. As such, he would NOT be included in the SLI. If this method is used and you were hired tomarrow, your seniority date (since you did not take the offers) would be tomorrow: no seniority. Had you taken the offer, at least you would have been senior to all the folks hired since the purchase.

Anyone hired AFTER the snapshot will be unaffected by fences since those folks will be below the most junior person on the SLI.

All XJ furloughs maintain their original XJ seniority date for SLI.
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